Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I didn't know when international mother's day celebrated on, I just found out that it was on every second Sunday of May. Phew. I thought I was to late. So here's my gift to all daughters/sons everywhere, download the card, print it, and give it to your dear mothers.

Here are some trivia about Mother's day (according to Wiki, not me!):
  • Only Indonesia (that's where I'm at!) celebrate Mother's Day on Dec 22.
  • Close enough, is Panama, on Dec 8.
  • Father's day is recognized first, Mother's day was made to complement it.
  • (funny, in Indonesia we don't celebrate Father's day, poor daddies..:))
  • There is a Mother's Day International Association!!! (wonder what they're doing on other 364 days?)
So enjoy your printable and have a great weekend with your mom!


  1. I'll certainly give this scard to my mama! Thank you for your sweet, thoughtful freebie!

  2. you are adorable! thank you so much for making this for us and i learn something new everytime i visit :)

  3. buying a new printer tomorrow.. lucky! thanks for this your babushkas are everywhere since valetines day :)

  4. Wow, I didn't know that Mother's Day was international. Cute card, it's so adorable.

  5. hehe, my friends here always find it weird when I tell them that Indonesia doesn't have a father's day!

  6. Enjoyed your trivia. Your illustration is so sweet.

  7. Thank you! This is so sweet. I'll be linking to you.

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  10. adorable ! merci pour le partage...j'ai créé un lien ici : http://pinterest.com/lemondedis/i-heart-mom-freebies/


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