Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Wins in a day!!

I have to buy a lottery ticket, seriously. I won both mommainflipflops' and justinejustine's giveaway this morning!! No, I don't know either of them before..so I'm not cheating, yes I'm not!! Yaaaay!! What did I win?? Both are special too!! A 25US$ gift card to customizedgirl and this lovely Acai (the same acai Oprah and Dr. Oz were bragging about) bracelet. Anyway I can't show you the t-shirt I made at custmoizedgirl here (that's the point at customizedgirl, you pick up a T-shirt and design what to be printed on it, and they'll ship your own designed T-shirt to your home! You It's really easy and fun!) but Here is the link to my T-shirt design.
If I could I'd run to Vegas now.

*update* I'd like to share this lucky vibe with you, my friend gave me this wonderful earring giveaway link, the entrants are only 18 so far, so the odds are great. And no, I'm not entering this time, I might win again ;)..haha.


  1. Congrats! I'm sure you'll have more wins in the coming days! ;)

  2. Hello! Your blog is really fun, I like the post aout green tea porridge (I'll keep my eye out for that next time I go to China town)
    Hope you're well! Xx

  3. Thank you for the post!!!! Good luck with winning in the future.

  4. hi..:) your blog is awesome! i love it..and you're a great artist! and i love your great taste.. XOXO [yumayummymommy2]


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