Friday, May 1, 2009

Speaking of food...

...lately I've been obsessed with food related blog, nooo..not the kind that writes fancy recipes and deliciously, mouth watering, culinary experience, though I like that kind of blogs too, but "quirky" food blog. Remember food face? We had our fun.

And...I want you all to meet Twinkie!! She eats Yucky Stuff and send us the whole report about it (and videos, they're funny, go watch!).

This is apparently, green tea porridge.. .. .. Ok, weird but you're not thrilled, are you, but I'm saving the worst at Twinkie's place, so this porridge is nothing!


  1. Oh I love twinkie chan, she's so fun! I love her food related crafts too!

  2. This stuff is so good! It's worth a try~ I've grown up eating homemade jook/porridge and the instant stuff isn't bad (other variations probably sound better...)

  3. this actually looks good LOL


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