Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Girls girls girls...

...are so pretty. Although I'm a girl (not the little pretty one, though, I won't address myself to that kinda girl anymore, nor I'd like to be called a lady, but you know what I mean, I am the one born with both X chromosomes), I love seeing, drawing, painting, anything about them. Let's face it, girls are so much fun to look at (than fat hairy men and skinny geek boys, although sometimes they are quite fun to look at). Even in their 'low brow' state...and no, I'm not fancying girls in "that" way.

Here are my favorite artists that portrayed girls in a low brow celebration..

Benjamin Lacombe

Audrey Kawasaki

There are girls painting girls! So I'm not crazy. And oh I've always been a fan of the master of them all, Mark Ryden. But of course, you must have guessed that.


  1. you make me laugh the way you describe things :) i have the same taste as you as those pictures are most appealing to me. each is as beautiful as the next. have you ever visited 'lisa lectura creations'? her blog is lovely and her art is simply gorgeous so to is vanessa from 'a fanciful twist'. if you get the chance to visit their blogs say hi from me :) smooches rosey

  2. I agree with you! girls really are so much fun! I should know I have one :) cute blog, love the artwork!

  3. These are pretty illustrations! I love the second one, girl wearing kimono...

  4. I love the first painting and I'm going to check out more of her works. Also, Audrey Kawasaki is one of my favorite Artists. :)

    Ps: I find girls more interesting-looking than guys too. lol


  5. I love Ryden! I saw his work in la a couple years ago. and yes, girls are so pretty and graceful and i am sure you are being modest!

  6. gambarnya nicoletta agak mirip ryden ya? lucu2 serem gimana gitu hehe.. tapi aku suka dua2nya sih

  7. For me the best one. It is the third. Because she looks great with the snake and the plain face. with some petals that they are falling down from the rose on her head.

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