Thursday, May 7, 2009

Decorate those Shoulders!

Oddly (well, not too odd if you know me well), I have been super fascinated by shoulder decorations. I even dream about shoulder decorations!! ("what are you talking about, you crazy chick?"). I know, I know, I invented that term. Words sometimes fail me, so here's a quick glimpse of what I'm talking about.

on your left hand side
artlab's aphrodite cotton tank
AAliciaAccessories' corsage brooch (via Modish)
KatieDid's flower collar tutorial (via oneprettything)
on your right hand side
stephanieteague's upcycled dress (via Modish)

Aren't they the perfect things for such adoration?


  1. I am with you ALL THE WAY! I love shoulder decorations too (and I LOVE that you call them that...how utterly perfect)!

    Those that you featured are real stunners!

    Almost Friday HUGS sweet friend!

  2. I love these as well. Stopped by after seeing your comment on my blog and I LOVE your blog! It's so pretty. And then I see LollyChops reads your blog and I read LollyChops all the time. lol

  3. you have great taste!!

    i think these will doll up any plain dress!

  4. Those are so cute! Perfect embellishments to the dresses! Thanks for sharing!

    Also, thanks so much for coming to visit! I really appreciate your sweet comment! Have a lovely day!

    Lisa :)

  5. such, sweet delicate adornments! your taste is exquisite!


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