Friday, May 1, 2009

You really are a deer!

Yes, you, tastysuite!! Say hello to my "deer"-est friend, tastysuite, the decals extraordinaire. You might notice that I had previously featured one of her vinyl decal sticker. Guess what? She sent me the exact deer to my home!! Yaaaaay, thank you tastysuite!

A bright Hello that took my breath away...

...well hello, my deer (stop, not funny anymore)!!

As seen in her product pic, I guess the deer look mighty nice on ash/silver laptop surface.. I don't have one, really, but my brother (yes, the one who just recovered from dengue fever) bought a laptop recently, and I think I'm giving the deer to him. Rejoice, mr. New Laptop.

Don't forget to check all of her decals on her shop. All are very unique and one of kind (she accepts custom order, just pick a design and choose your desired colors, and I mean LOTS of colors, not just black, white, and red, you can pick from a total 18 colors.). Don't worry about the DIY you'll be facing, mine too come with a clear step by step instruction sheet. Don't worry about your surface either, they're removable and kind to any smooth surface (you heard me, mr. Laptop, it's going to be you this time, lucky you!). Remember that vinyl is waterproof, so do I hear bathroom walls, anyone? (Sadly, mr. Laptop is not waterproof himself)

Here are some of my favorites from the shop:

I'm a sucker for alphabet, so this would be the top of my list. And picking up an accent color on your initial? Too clever!!

Though seems very creative and out of the box, this one shouldn't be worn with a scissors-happy toddler in the house. He might run his favorite tool on your favorite furniture,... mmm... not good. Otherwise, this is a very witty idea.

Like to have your own wall in the house? Why don't you barcode it?

Style up with this lamp, no space on the table needed, and once again, alphabet on its best.


  1. Your bro's laptop would look so amazing with that decal! I gotta buy something from that shop pretty soon! :)

  2. I like a lamp sticker on the desk! Very witty:)

  3. Wow. That alphabet one is HOT. :)

  4. Love these! Particularly the lamp, have you ever seen this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24543205

    PS: I'm your partner for the blog swap (krstawrdtravels)

  5. Welcome to my merry band of stalkers! And BTW I heart your friend's decals, I'm so going to have to share.


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