Monday, May 4, 2009


..Aqua! The color of the ocean and a bright sunny sky. My Etsy favorites sporting the color..
(clockwise from top left)
Aqua blue button ponytail holder by vickiesuniquebows at 2.oo$ each, Every Beat of My Heart print by misterrob (don't you love the shop's name?), vesselsandwares' hedgehog bowl for 12.00$, poster by SparklePower at 12$ each.


  1. Cute! I'm a big fan of aqua too, it's such a refreshing color. I love the hedgehog bowl and the poster!

  2. The color aqua may not be as bright as orange or yellow, but it is still such a happy color if you think about it!

    i would love to see photos of your papa's typewriter! long live analog, lol!

  3. Ah, hedgehogs! I want a pet hedgehog so bad, but I hear they have very little bladder control.

  4. >oh< I didn't know they have very little bladder control!!

    Diana, I wish I can share my papa's old typewriter, but last time I saw it is years ago... he sold it to his friends in the 90's... I don't know its whereabouts now.

  5. Ahh...it's like being back on vacation! =) I love that hedgehog bowl. So cute!

  6. wow! you are quite the treasure hunter! thanks for sharing all the fun finds!

  7. I love this colour too. Nice selection!


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