Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Ten Things....

I procrastinate.

I am a skeptic. (bah, who says that?)

I think Johnny Depp is the most handsome (does anyone still use this word? All I read now is "hot" and "sexy" nowadays) man on earth.

I think Tim Burton is far from handsome, but his works are.

I love food and everything about it, including eating it.

I am really really bad at social games/sport, like on the pool table, karaoke, bowling, poker, etc.

handmade daisy headband by Mandizzle.

I love putting something pretty upon my head.

I can't bend my thumb backward and I'm sure you're all bending your thumb backward just now.

polaroid transfer by shehitpausestudios.

I love playing the piano, but not very good at it.

I am addicted to video games, but not playing any recently, because my husband won't let any device into my home. (even the computer is video game free)


  1. I still use "handsome" it's more polite & true from our heart...Also love Tim Burton, we have a lot of common :)

    Thanks for post the award ^^

  2. What a gorgeous wee post! And all your random facts about yourself are so sweet. My thumb is as stiff as cardboard. And yes Johnny Depp is all adjectives and superlatives relating to the word "handsome".

  3. i still use the word handsome and i LOL'd when you mentioned Tim Burton.

    i love love video games!

  4. 'hot and sexy' are mere components of handsome.

  5. I LOVE (X10) Johnny Depp big time! He is handsome + hot + cute + sexy + all the compliments you can ever think of. Sorry, I lose my image when I see his pic. lol



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