Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Forest Friends

I have reached 100th post~~no, not this one, apparently, this post is the 102th. How come I missed it?! Aaargh! I should celebrate!! (maybe this is why celebrate rhymes with late, you always celebrate late, no? You don't? Just me? Ok..then..umm...)
I'm kidding about the whole celebration, I'm not going to throw a huge party or anything. Nothing's special about 100th post, I think, there's a long long way to go for this blog, hopefully, I can be a better friend, better listener (or in this case, reader), and of course, write better posts and take/make better pictures.

But, to leave you all my sweet readers occupied and not bored with this post, I make a new picture of little forest friends playing. I am thinking of making an embroidery pattern, if you like, out of this pic, but I can't embroider myself, so I don't know if this pic can work as a pattern. If you're an embroidery expert please, please, tell me of how can I make this pic into a better pattern. Is it fine, or should I narrow the lines, etc? Give me your inputs, lovelies!


  1. That would make one truly charming embroidery pattern! Please make it into embroidery pattern please, please, pretty please!

  2. hehe..thx 4 the nice comment.
    itu acara kumpul2 vendor, atas nama kelangsungan hubungan dan kerjasama yang baik..hahaha
    iya, itu adiknya davy linggar. mereka memang dari keluarga yang nyeni. papa mereka pendekor, trus kalo gak salah tantenya ada yang perancang busana dengan spesialisasi lukis di atas kain.
    btw, gambar kamu udah bagus bgt kalo mau dijadiin pola sulam!

  3. This is super cute! I don't embroider, but I would think it would work well.

  4. hehehe I would celebrate :) your awesome& I am glad I caught your blog sooner than later :)XOXO

  5. yes yes yes that would be a great little embroidery pattern!! very very sweeeeeet.

  6. happy 100th post! you DO have much to celebrate! you have shared a lot within these posts and it's great! to another 100 more!

    i don't embroider but i love the photo, i am using it as my screensaver!

  7. Geeee Diana, I don't think that someone likes it so much that they use this as a screensaver!! What an honor!!

  8. Congratulations on your 100th post! Yes, that can be a really cute embroidery pattern, if you decide to share it with us please let me know :)
    I am visiting from swap-bot, thank you for the links you sent me, I will go exploring as soons as I have a bit of time.
    Smiles and sunshine from Mexico,

  9. aww, that's so pretty. I don't embroider myself, but it looks like it would make a lovely embroidery piece.

    PS. happy (belated) 100th post!

  10. Congrats! I'm one of your "swappers". I really enjoyed your blog.

  11. happy 100th! Cheers to 100 more. I love the pattern......it's something I would buy on fabric and use for bags, quilts, maybe even a cute summer top for my daughters.


  12. that's adorable. If not for an embroidery pattern you should at least have fabric printed at spoonflower. It would make a cute tea towel:)

  13. aww I love the little porcupine. embroideries aside, the image would make a great blog-background :)


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