Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Mother

Mama, mommy, mom, momma, madre, mere, okasan, ibu, bunda, ..no matter how you call her, mother is always dearest to us. To celebrate Mother's day, a new printable for you to print, cut, fold, and write a poem on, sorry, the poem has to be personal so it's not included. I know that Mother's day is celebrated on different dates around the world but you can keep this one until your Mother's day comes around, or your mom's birthday arrives.

My printable design usually fits for children (and those who young at hearts) but this time I decided to portray a demure version of Mother's day because grown ups have mothers too (yes, it's grandma to you, kiddos). But don't stop the kids sending this to their mothers, it's not rated PG13. Click here to download. If you prefer the cuter version click here.


  1. ooohh sweet!
    u're always have a good idea to make something..
    I'll print it and send to my mom..
    thank u so much..

    :happy mother day:

  2. ning...i love the silhouette...so pretty :) thanks for sharing

  3. Hi sweetie, you won the spell bound hair accesory (in yellow) giveaway over on My Passport to Style, congratulations! Please email me your postal address to sharonstyle@fsmail.net thank-you! Sharon xx

  4. haii mom.. what a cute card.. :) thanks for sharing mom.. heart it.. i will send it to my bestie-wannabe-mom... :D


  5. Beautiful card! So elegant... Thank you for sharing!!!

  6. This is so beautiful, thank you!

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  9. très jolie... merci pour le partage... j'ai créé un lien ici : http://pinterest.com/lemondedis/i-heart-mom-freebies/

  10. This one is a good read!!!

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