Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I . Heart . Liam

I am super picky about toilets. I must have mentioned about this at least once in my blog because it's so me. The only one thing I ask before going to some place is "Do they have a decent toilet?" if the answer is no, I won't be there for longer than 4 hours (that's the longest I can hold, without any incident) My husband jokes that I would die in the desert not because of thirst or hunger but because I couldn't hold it any longer and I wouldn't do number one or number two in hot sands without any covers and no ceramic man made hole. And since modern toilet comes with the bathtub/shower that goes for them too. I can't take a bath in the river. No. Never. Mountain climbing for days? As much as I love nature,.... No.

..that was before I read about Liam. I was so humiliated, disgraced, and torn apart inside when I read about him. You can read about the heartbreaking story here, but I can give a brief introduction about Liam.

Liam, recently 6, is diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 2. He is able to play, move out and about thanks to his special chair called the Snap Dragon, which he has been using for 4 years, and been a happy and outgoing child ever since. Using the bathroom, as we may have figured, not very easy for Liam to do all by himself. Liam's mother, Lynn, has been assisting him. To my personal shame and guilt, Lynn has decided to remodel their bathroom to be as accessible as possible for Liam to do everything on his own. You can read about more detail here.

I felt like a snobby Queen with the most irrational pet peeve. My heart breaks for Liam and his family, though in the blog we always see them smiling and happy, things are not sugar coated in real life and they are real person after all (here).

If you are moved, touched, or like me, changed after reading about Liam, please head here for your support. You can either donate things for the giveaway or buy a ticket for Liam's bathroom remodeling. If you want to buy a ticket you will need a Paypal account along, but if you kindly ask Lynn, maybe you can manage to buy a ticket without Paypal. But the most important thing, is to spread the news around, so hopefully Liam's get a new bathroom this summer and I will get over my silly pet peeve immediately. Thank you Liam for the inspiration and be strong Lynn and Ben.

Thank you all babalisme readers.


  1. sorry i havent visited in a while but life has been super busy. it has been so long your blog banner looks different..
    it is amazing to me how many people suffer without hating the world and how i comlain about the smallest things...i should be ashamed as well.
    good on you for posting about this precious boy and his humble family.


  2. what a cute lil' baby,,
    go fight and be strong Liam,,
    may God always blessing you
    and also your mom


  3. thx for visit me back,
    i'm one of your secret fans,, heheh
    and that's why i'm so happy to know that you're visiting me :)
    hehe thank you so :)

  4. What a sweet little boy! I got lost in their blog the other day after reading your post on him!

    HUGS to you sweet girl!

  5. I think it's sweet that you allowed yourself to be moved by this story. He is such a sweet little boy, and sometimes it takes things like this to help us realize how we could improve. I'm sending all my love to little Liam and his family. ♥


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