Friday, April 30, 2010

A Space on Lia's Own

Do you miss Gocco? Well, I actually in no position to say that I miss Gocco since I never lay my hands on them, but I do miss Gocco. Can you imagine thriving for some things and then the things are taken away and not produced anymore? Sigh.

Now you can guess how excited I was when I received a whole set of original Gocco printed cards from Lia of Liaspace! Not to mention she's a fellow Indonesian too, now that's a rare thing here, and oh please, THE Gocco in Indonesia, am I dreaming this thing?

Lia is an amazing seamstress (mental note : start learning how to sew) and a really creative and active blogger, she shares many tutorials on her blog, including the always favorite FCB and baby bibs! Go have a visit.


  1. Hi sweetie, thanks for following me over on My Passport to Style and for entering the spell bound hair accessory giveaway. But to be eligible to win, you need tell people about the giveaway and link to it, either through twitter or your blog. Feel free to use the image of the butterfly hair accessory from my blog in your post,hurray you only have till Saturday and be sure to let me know!Loving your blog your designs are the sweetest, must start following you so I don't miss out and good luck! Sharon xx

  2. Lia's blog is lovely!
    Just wanted to let you know I've sent off your Owl so it should be hooting it's way over to Indonesia by now! Exciting!!!
    I've been having trouble finding people for the swap. Everyone has done it! Maybe I should start asking random people in the street... hehe
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  3. those are really beautiful! i've always wanted a gocco too.
    hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. awww....that;s so sweet :) thank you so much for your appreciation :D and you took some amazing pictures of the cards

  5. I can completely relate to wanting a Gocco. I've been coveting them for years.

    The cards are very pretty. Your friend is very talented.

  6. Very nice blog :)

    Laboratorio Delle Fate


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