Thursday, April 29, 2010

Art Swap : Mailed!

It's official! I made a quick run to the post office today and mailed my Art Swap package. Yaaay! My duty is complete, well, not entirely...I still have to find 3 other people to join, but this post, I hope, will answer your frequently asked question # 2 : Can you mail your swap package before you manage to round up 6 people? Yes, you can! I did it! Seriously, if I did or I didn't , nobody will get hurt, right? Have fun and join in people, leave me your email address here if you're interested, it's never too late to join!

Enjoy the package, Anthea!

ps. (why am I addicted to "ps"-ing my post now?) If you were wondering what items I put in that brown bag, scroll down a few posts and you'll find out instantly!

**Update** : I'm officially get 6 people to join!! Yaaay, where's the fanfare? And to my surprise, the least expected person I invited, delphine of non dairy diary answered my invitation and decided to join! This is an unthinkable honor! I never knew that someone on the level of craft world celebrity would like to join on my invitation! Thank you so much delphine!


  1. cute and soo adorable! your recipient will be jumping for joy!

  2. whoa i just read your post
    can you tell me how to join it?


  3. yes pleease tell me the guidelines.
    my email is: just.kristie@live.com
    it sounds really fun!
    and.. do you have to pay to send all those stuff?
    just curious.

  4. i should be join this art swap, but everyone seems to have joined in this swap, it's so hard to find another member...huhu...

    love ur work,cute cute...


  5. i heart your drawings. you're so talented!

  6. Whatta cute, sweet little thing! Anyone receive it must be feel very lucky (I know I would ;))

  7. I've always wanted to do a package swap! Let me know next time you're up to:


    ps. your blog is gourgeous!

  8. Pleasee send me info on this swap!

    Pleasee and thank youu. (:

  9. that sounds amazing -- let me know how this works -madhattress10x6@gmail.com


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