Thursday, April 22, 2010

Melon for Summer!

The sun, the air, the breeze, the crickets' chirping, the ice creams.. Summer is approaching, as anyone can tell. Sure that it made no different for me, living by the equator, I get the whole sun to myself, but I can always relate to the 4 seasons in the world. Let's say, I love to celebrate, and this is one of my excuse.

The other reason that I love to celebrate different season is .. fashion! If you think dressing up for four different season is exhausting, try living in only muumuus for the rest of your life! Fret not, this is the right season to let your muumuus out.

Considering getting your pint sized half a new summer dress? Say hello to melimelon. She sews the prettiest summer dress for little girls I have ever seen.
A mother of two beautiful girls (5 and 9, nice pair!) herself, she decided to open an Etsy shop dedicating for girls' dress. She's a proud stay at home mama from Barcelona (hey, it rhymes!) and also a freelance graphic designer. She was too kind when she answered my questions ..

Who teaches you to make your own clothes/ what makes you start to sew?
When I was a child, my mother always made the clothes for me and my sisters, so I spend a lot of hours looking at her while working and learning how to sew and make patterns. When she left us a few years ago I became the new owner of her sewing machine and a lot of vintage and never used fabrics. My oldest daughter is so thin and tall, that conventional sizes in the shops never fit her well, so I started to sew new dresses for her and that's how everything began.

Let's say you're a piece of fabric, what would you be an why?
Think I would be a traditional fabric like silk, with a spring and colourful pattern (like butterflies and a lot of flowers). I’m always a very optimist and happy woman, so I don’t identify myself with solid fabrics nor dark colours.

What's the greatest reward in this business?
Always when a customer, after receiving my clothes, tells me how happy is a girl wearing one of my designs. After all, my final customers are the kids, not their parents...
On the contrary, what's the most sacrificing thing you have ever done in favor of the business?
I’ve recently took part of my first craft show and it was really a sacrifice for me: I had to wake up very early on a cold and snowy sunday and stare there freezing for hours. I’m pretty shy, so it was very hard for me to talk to customers face to face for the first time too, but it was worthy, as I had several high priced dresses sold.

Which celebrity kids you're dying to make a dress for?
In Spain we don’t have any celebrity kids, here it’s not allowed to publish their faces. Otherwise, I don’t have TV connection at home, so I don’t know much about the celebrities world... but yes, I would be glad if any of them was wearing one of my dresses.

Yes or no : Matching dress with your toddler? (..and why?)
Maybe I would wear the same fabric, but not the same style/design. I’ve never made matching outfits for me and my daughters, probably because we have very different styles. Yes, I think that every little girl has her own style!
Finally, what piece of clothing you'd never ever make?
I don’t like “sexy” clothes for little girls, think they’ll have a lot of time to wear those when they have grown. I always try to make my designs playful and comfortable, just as toddlers are.

Wow, don't we think alike? I hate sexy clothes on little girls too. So, if you're still reading up to this point, you're in luck, melimelon offers a free shipping promo anywhere in the world for babalisme's reader. Just mention "babalisme" upon your checkout at Etsy and enjoy your summer.


  1. ooh this is very cutee..love this :D

  2. That's all so cute. And I have a present for you (just take a look at my blog) :)

  3. Ohhhh... these are all lovely! I love sun dresses and can totally see myself wearing one of those. I'm going to check out her store!

    Thanks for your birthday wishes, Ning! I hope your brother in law had a wonderful time here in Singapore. You know, you should bring baby G here soon too!!

  4. NING! I didn't realize you have this blog :) it's oh so nice :) I went to your devianart one instead :) (which is also nice) :D

  5. i wish i could've had these dresses as a kid!


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