Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Art Swap

I'm joining a swap. Again. This time it was initiated by Spoonfulzine. I was invited by Evita and was really surprised on how many people have joined. I knew about that because I'm having a hard time building my 6 invitations, as all creative people have joined in the swap! Anyhoo, these what my swap package will consist..

..mmm.. and one original hand drawn illustration. It's a surprise. ;)

So if you're interested in joining in but haven't, please leave your email address (use {at} and {dot} please for safety) in this post's comments.


  1. Hi, thank you so much for inviting me! Can you tell me a bit more about the swap (goals and send date). I would love to join in if I have time enough to participate :)

  2. swapnya tu cuma kirim2an aja/ntar ktmu baru swap bareng? hehehe
    if just send via post... i would like to join.
    pls give me more clear info about this by send me e-mail to verenlee@gmail.com yaa. thanks :)

  3. ah! I'm already a part of three! :(

  4. so cute! ^^

    btw I'm also having a hard time to find the other 6

  5. yep yep! It's so hard finding the 6.. because all the great ones are already taken?? :D :D

  6. This sounds like fun! Is it still on? If so, I'd be interested. My e-mail is

    Also, you won my wöllies giveaway lady! I need to ask you what colour you would like your owl to be...
    Have a lovely day! Xx

  7. hello there babalisme! aku penasaran dengan swap-nya. boleh tahu gimana cara mainnya? monskibonski[at]gmail[dot]com

  8. Oh, you were invited by Evita? I'm the one who invited Spoonfulzine, and gave her Evita's email! hehe, it's so cool to see how it goes around :)

    Your creations are so wonderful, btw. Anyone would be delighted to receive it!

  9. Hi, thanks for your message. There's a new post showing how I attach the felt flower to the clippies. Hope you like it!

  10. ninggggg....THEY'RE SO LOVELY!!!!!!!

  11. Im looking to join the swap too!


  12. These tag bits are really a great thought x

  13. These tag bits are really a great thought x

  14. Hello, I too would like to have an explanation of how the swap, and if I can participate....

    I have a shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/Sumikoshop
    You can contact me there

    thanks so much

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