Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm (still) Alive

I have a computer breakdown since..when was my last post? March?


And being a high tech digital (exaggerating it a bit...) blogger mom, I thought a part of me had died, buried in the repair shop.

I deeply, truthfully apologized especially to my clients and friends needing my presence in the virtual world. I am really really sorry, and of course to you my readers. So, what happened, Cyber Mom (this exaggerating thing is beginning to sound lame)? Have you ever watched an old Warner Brothers' cartoon that features Michigan J. Frog? Well if you're unfamiliar with Michigan, I'll tell you. He's a singing frog. Quite a dime, eh? And he is found by a construction worker, who of course, has an idea publishing him as a big mega star and earned big bucks from the frog. The problem is, Michigan only sings when nobody but his master is watching. Yes, I felt like the frog's owner for the past three weeks.

"The computer didn't start.."

"It's fine here, Ma'am...look..."

(me taking it home, the comp didn't work, me taking it to the shop)

"It won't start at my place.."

"I'll try changing the -fill with hard to remember CPU part name- ..if it won't start again, you can bring it back here"

And so the conversation went on with me taking the huge CPU to the shop and back several times. So, I had an Easter project dying to be shared, a printable, and a lot of ideas, but no blog. First thing first, please welcome me back from the typewriter era with a really late pleasant news. These babies here are a gift from my friend Little Z all the way from Netherlands. Thank you, Zee! She has a really handsome shop and I almost cried when I had these wooden magnets, they won't leave my fridge door! Never!

Here are the rest of Zee's loot bag. Get jealous, people. :)

Missing you all!


  1. Welcome back! I'm sorry about your computer. It sounds like my car. One of the rear windows would refuse to work unless it was at the shop.

    Your little gifts are so sweet!

    Have a beautiful day.

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. yes i have been missing you!! i love reading your blogs, you have a great way of expressing yourself, it always makes me happy.
    love your loot... major envy!
    i am not sure about the swap thingy, where do i go to see the rules??

  3. Oh Ning pretty please dish the details on your friends shop! I am in love with those wooden magnets! My fridge needs some too!

  4. Good to have you back! I hate how I'm so dependent on my computer but the reality of it would be I would be out of the job!

  5. Oooh, such cute little things! Nice to have you back :)

    P.S. someone else actually already asked me to join an Art Swap, so I think it's enough for me. Thanks for thinking of me though ;)


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