Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Sun

Zee is way too nice as a person, she gave me an award! :D Thank you so much, it' really is an honor accepting an award from you!

The rules: place the award at your blog and link back to the generous giver. Give the award to as many bloggers you like, put their links in your blogpost and let them know you have awarded them.

Here's my pick, new friends, old friends, I love them no matter what; veren, rheea (here's my birthday present!), lia, priscilla, jacqui.

Happy weekend, everyone! Ta-ta!


  1. thank u for the award ci. will post it soon on my blog. do u mind to link me on ur blog? thank u :D

    p.s : u should search that kitty wallpaper for your baby's bedroom. highly recommended! :p

  2. Aww.... Thank you!!! Guess what, this is the 3rd time I received this award! Oh oh oh, I'm flattered. Thank you again, Ning. Have a sunshine day~ :D

  3. Oh and I forgot to mention, I LOVE (x10) your new banner!

  4. Thank you so much! You are so cute. Your blog always makes me smile and makes my day!! thank you so much for thinking of me for the award. LOVE the new blog header. WAY too CUTE! You have the best taste!! Be sure to come by on Monday...I have a giveaway I know you will l-o-v-e :)

  5. Thank you for thinking of me! My first award!

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