Monday, September 28, 2009

Hello, Blogosphere!

Seriously, why does baby has to be sick on national holidays? The reason of my prolonged absent was of course, Baby G needed my full attention again, she had diarrhea, lost of appetite, and fever. I felt extremely worried and exhausted at the same time. I am currently suffering a flu. sigh. so...

What national holiday, you asked? It's Ied 'ul Fitr day!! I'm not a moslem so I can't give you any trustworthy information about the origin of the celebration but I'm sure Wiki can. :) It's huge in Indonesia (where the majority of the people are moslems), almost like Christmas and Thanksgiving rolled into one.

I don't know much about the philosophy, but like all non-Christians living in US and other Chrsitian inhabited countries, I do know a lot about the culture and the festivities. You can't
ignore all those gorgeous Christmas decorations and songs and foods, can you? Same here, I'm carried away too. Basically it's about the joy of loving and forgiving. So people, after the annually fasting duty (yes, they do fast the whole month before!!) naturally reunite with their families and loved ones, asking for forgiveness and forgive those who may have hurt them all year round. But none was done without good food, merry singing, and gifts. Sound familiar? We're not that different at all, aren't we? :)

Yes, that Ied card is free to download and print, give it to someone you know celebrating (although a little bit late). I just think that veiled moslem girls look a lot like matryoshkas.


  1. We celebrate our Eid Mubarak the whole month same as we fast for a month,so it's still not late to wish :).Ah yes,i agree the lil' matryoshkas does has resembling abit.Cute card!

    hope Baby G gets well soon,and so do u. love love your blog btw.

    take care!

  2. oh i have missed you..poor baby g! hope you are both on the mend.
    smooches and peace

  3. I hope health makes its way back to your family. You deserve a break between germ wars!

    And as for the holiday.... any day that puts family, good food, and good cheer together is awesome in my book!!! So, I wish you a Happy Ied 'ul Fitr day!!

  4. You've been missed! Thank you for the happy eid download. So cute!

    get well soon my fiend!

  5. Such a lovely post and a cute card! I love the comparison of veiled muslims to matryoshkas - I never thought of it like that before.

    Iya nih, masih di jogja sampai akhir minggu ini :) Sebenernya pengen posting foto2 di blog, tapi internet di rumah "lemah lembut" banget, hehe..

  6. ira: I don't know that!! Well, Happy Ied to you!

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