Monday, September 14, 2009

All About Rice Babbies.

No, I'm not encouraging you to be a cannibal eating rice with babies (uugh) nor I'll be talking about farming, because I believe that's not my expertise either. But I do enjoy rice in my every meal as much as I enjoy ...dolls! Yep, that's what I'm talking about. Rice Babies is a name of a blog and an etsy shop of Kellie, an art teacher by day, doll maker by night, and a 24/7 mom of two boys. What? Do the boys play with pretty dolls? Relax, ladies, she has a lot of nieces and other customers, so her boys are doing just fine with dinasours and superheroes.

Kellie started out the business by, being an art teacher, she saw plenty of blond hair with blue eyes images coming up now and then from the hands of litte girls who don't possess those quality. (As a matter of fact, my mother in law just bought Baby G a doll that looks like Sherly Temple, and I let her play with it, so this issue knows no boundaries! I even experienced this!) Kellie then determines to have all girls growing up seeing more of themselves, so she started to make custom dolls under the name of Rice Babies. She's so nice to let me bother her with (silly) questions, so I'll let you know her and Rice Babies better. Here go..

If you have to choose (say, I put a really sharp knife on your most expensive fabric), which one will it be, being a full time mom, a doll-maker or a teacher?
I would have to choose being a full time mom over anything, because with my kids I am actually all three mom, teacher and they help me stay creative. My kids inspire me to create and also to be the best me I can be everyday.

What is the best part of being a mom-trepreneur?
The best part of having your own business is having creative control and also flexible working hours.

What's the most challenging thing you have to face in this business?
The most challenging obstacle I face, is the same reason I made my dolls, there weren't enough choices for Asian dolls. My market is small and so it can be hard to reach people looking for what I offer. I have made dolls for halfies and a few other non Asian dolls, and its always fun, but I would like people to know my dark haired beauties are out there.

How do you juggle your time and thoughts between your princes and doll-making?
I juggle everything by putting my kids first, when they are happy and healthy, I have more time to create. I daydream and sketch ALL the time. I sew and design as I lay in bed at night, if I need to I get up and make it when all are asleep. Like most moms, I am a so called "mid night crafter", when the kids are asleep, I get to sew, and design.

As a child, what doll do you spend a lot of time with?
As a child, I had a prized doll, a My Friend Mandy, I recently saw one one the Wee Wonderfuls site.

What's the most funny/embarrassing moment as an art teacher?
One of the funniest moments as an art teacher was a day when I was teaching my students to make dino bones out of clay. It was close to end of school so all the kids were excited and talking a lot. I told them to raise their hands but I wouldn't answer any question until after the demo. I answered the question of a boy who had his hand up for the longest. He said, "how come sometimes when you talk , you sound like a cowgirl?" I laughed, and replied , "because I am originally from Texas".

What's the best reaction you have ever received from satisfied customer?
So far I have been touched by all my reactions, but a comment one lady made, was the point where I decided that however slowly, people will find my dolls when they need them. She said "I would have loved to have had a doll I could play with that looked like me as a child. Not dressed in a kimono or cheongsam, either, just a little girl doll wearing every day clothes that happened to be Asian or half Asian like me."
It was an awesome feeling.

I agree with the cheongsam thing, it's a really big misunderstanding, really. So, thank you Kellie for your time and passion!! I hope more Rice Babies are in the hands of tiny little girls of any races anywhere in the world. Want on yourself? Your welcome to take a look around the shop!


  1. This is a great interview! I love her inspiration and making something by hand takes so much work!!

  2. Thanks again for taking the time to chat with me and spreading the word about my girls.

  3. What wonderful dolls! I love the "pirate" one. I was extra thrilled when she professed her love for a My Friend Mandy doll. That was my favorite as well!

  4. I think what she's doing is so wonderful! I'm not Asian, but I can relate to so much of what she is saying. I have naturally black hair and brown eyes, and I grew up with the misconception that you had to have blond hair/blue eyes in order to be pretty. Her dolls are SO beautiful! Thanks for this interview.

  5. These dolls are adorable! I love this interview.. all the answers are so well said. And for once I feel so proud being an Asian girl! Hee hee!


  6. The dolls are so cute. My favorite is the one made out of chenille. Will check out the site for sure.

  7. OH so cute!!!
    Thanks for following my blog and entering my giveaways!


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