Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sprinkle some..

...Momfetti!! Such cute name for a blog, no (confetti, get it?)? And her real name is a real blast, Tuppence!! How dear is that? I wish I were named Tuppence now! sigh. OK, back on the real post topic, dear Tuppence has made a wonderful creation with my deerio-shroomio pattern (remember it?). It's a snickerdoodles-sized take-home bag (wow, that's a mouthful, try to say it 5 times, fast!). Look how cute it is.

And that's not all, I'm really glad she emailed me, otherwise I wouldn't find her precious wonderful blog filled with sewing and craft tutorials, pretty daily photographs of her family (and her neurotic cat), and much more! But I do wish she will post the tutorial of deerio bag up there for everyone to follow, *wink*.. Not the seamstress/crafter type but you crave for her sewn goodness? Yep, she has an Etsy shop, ooh, thank God for Etsy.

As if that's not great enough, she's having a giveaway right now until 11th of August (eep, quickly now)! Yes, Giveaway! Go on, win a diaper clutch (non-mommies can keep it until they need it or just simply give them to any moms you know) and tell her I sent you, that increase the chance of winning....er, kidding, just say hi for me, will you?


  1. Now you are just making me blush. :)

    Just for you, I am working on an easier-to-make-than-say-5-times-fast snickerdoodles-sized-take-home-bag tutorial.

    But first I have to make some more snickerdoodles. The butter is reaching room temperature as we speak......

  2. Wow, that turned out really cute! I am still just so in love with that pattern. Also I checked out the Momfetti blog and entered the giveaway. I told her you sent me, so hopefully I'll win!

  3. lovely way to use your art!! off to visit tuppence

  4. ooh, your print makes such a sweet paper bag!

  5. what a wonderful creation!!! and your design is so cute and fantastic!

    hope you're having a fantastic week!


  6. So adorable!!! Now I have to go check out her giveaway!

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