Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cootie Catcher Birthday Invitation

Well. I assume you're expecting this one's coming, ...another birthday for Big Sis G! Yay! 

If you've been reading my blog or know me a little too well by now, you might realize that I took the vow of not using any licensed cartoon characters when it comes to my offspring's birthday. But sometimes in the life and times of being a mom, you'll learn to compromise (mothers, are you with me?). For example, when your daughter, all teary-doe-eyed, asked you for a Gru's (from the movie Despicable Me) minions party, and been singing and imitating those yellow creatures for weeks, you'd bound to break your own rule. *sigh* 

So, yes, I made not one but two, TWO, Despicable Me inspired pinatas. One is minion shaped and the other take the shape of Fluffly the unicorn doll (or papoy, according to the minions).We'll get to these pinatas in later posts. Now, I'd like to show you how your 5 year old toddler can to be tricked into your own aesthetic, without him/her throwing a tantrum. My secret is ..... incorporate my love of a British tea party theme into a cootie catcher! Kids love cootie catcher! And I love English roses! It's a win-win solution for us! How is it related to the minions, you ask? Who cares? Just kidding. We're not having a full blown theme party, so I guess I can go away with mismatched party printables this year. Do forgive me.

About the cootie catcher, just in case you're not really familiar with the name, it's a pretty simple origami kids make to predict future/fortune. Depending on what's written inside, of course. It's pretty popular on the playground of first or second grader. To play the game, one must hold the four corners with both pointer fingers and thumbs. Move it open and close, and pick two numbers (or symbols, or drawings, anything), and boom, your fortune's been told! 

Since the cootie catcher is modified to an invitation, mine is filled not with fortune but lots of party's details, all the when and where and in place of the "fortune", I put lots of happy activity to be done when the player choose a certain number combination. 

I was thinking of sharing the cootie catcher invitation with you, what do you ladies think? Would you need one? And instead of oh-so-personal invitation, do you have any other ideas to use the cootie catcher? Share your thoughts in the comment box, and I'll do the most creative idea of cootie catcher as a free printable later on :) 


  1. I LOVE the idea of this as an invitation!! How awesome!! I hope you do the invite as a download, I'll be saving it for a future little girlie party (currently 9 months with our first, don't know if they are a girl or boy yet! )

  2. Love this idea! I'd love to see a editable version of this so us readers could personalize on the fly- printing onto the paper of our choosing.

  3. Oh my God! I love this! I use to play with this when I was in elementary school! So awesome! I can't wait for the printable!

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  5. Hi Ladies, thank you for your ideas! If you'd please, you can vote for more theme right here https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=714145708598825&id=259605534052847

  6. Cootie catcher – so, that’s the name for it. My friends and I used to make these when we were kids and called it fortune paper. Great idea, folding your invitations into these cute things. I'm making a mental note of this for when my youngest niece turns 4. Thanks for sharing! Faye @ MasterCopyPrint.com =)

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