Thursday, July 5, 2012

It's a Boy Party Kit : Cupcake topper

Finally, my internet connection deliver somewhat decent kilobytes, not as usual, but *shrug* it's better than nothing. It's been a pain to even upload tiny little images to Flickr. *sigh*

Anyway. What's a party without cupcakes? Go on bake some, print the printables, and have a party! Download here. And since some of you still asking about the limit of use of my free printables, here are the FAQ, below. To make it simple and short; I'm not praising myself in being so generous, really, I'm having fun sharing free printables to my readers... but, please respect others' hard work in creating free stuff you can use personally... please don't make any commercial gain using the free stuff you're getting. :)

I have a printing/letterpress/party business can I sell printed/end products to my customers?
of course, you can not. I give out these printables free for personal use, no commercial purposes allowed. Please respect my rights as the maker, and don't do it behind my back, it hurts my feeling, really. And I may stop giving away free printable. And you might get boo-ed by my loyal readers. Just, don't be a jerk.
I have a printing/letterpress/party business can I give printed/end products to my customers for free?
if your main intention is still commercially promoting your own business using someone else's hard work... no.
I want to host a party for my best friend's bridal shower can I use your printable?
whatever your party is, if it won't give you commercial gain, please, be my guest and print as much as you like. I'd love to see some pictures in action though, consider it my payment :)
A friend of mine like the printables so much, can I give her my copy?
do ask your friend to download herself on this blog, I love making new friends, so your friend can be my friend too :)
I like the design so much I want to use it on my name card/ blog buttons/ facebook profile picture/ twitter background/etc?
Well, I'm sorry, you can't alter the design that is already made, digitally speaking. However you can always use it creatively AFTER you print it out. For example, you may print it on t-shirt transfer paper and iron it on your t-shirt! Just don't sell the t-shirt afterwards.
Can I order you to make me a custom invitation/paper doll/ schedule/ party kit/etc!
Sure you can! from the mean time please email me at babalisme{at}yahoo {dot}com. My webstore is still in construction, I know I know, I'm pretty lame at web designing so, please forgive the inconvenience.


  1. These are really cute! I love that they look so mature, yet still so friendly and cute:D


  2. so cute these invites!!!!The moustache does it all, cannot get enough of them.

  3. Adorable!!! Thanks for sharing your lovely work with us!


  4. Love your cupcake post&your blog as well! <3

    ellé spectacles,

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  6. They're awesome! My sister will love this for her baby's christening.anyway, i'm planning a basketball theme party for my 2 boys, can you do me a favor of making free printables like this one for me? Orange and light blue colors are nice together. Thank you in advance!

  7. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I am having a party for my sons 1st bday and I am doing a mustache theme, Please let me know if you can do personalized ones for a cost?

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