Monday, February 2, 2009

Tis the season to love... or hate?

In the celebrating mood of the upcoming Valentine's day, I 'd like to share some of my favorite valentine cards or items, but none is coming from ordinary land. And I guarantee that you'll love them even if you are against or support the holiday itself.

This heart and arrow card will surely put a smile on your valentine's face. By SusyJack*.
via Modish.

Witty words by littlebrownpen to ease the day of those who think pink and cupids are ridiculous.

papergirlproduction's Siamese twin bunny plush is also a clever interpretation on the holiday.

What about me? Am I against or love Valentine's day? Well, when I think it's too much to think about it all 13 days before the D-day and to wear, eat, and breathe nothing but pink, but I do enjoy the festivity just for fun, the same way I celebrate Hanukkah or Deepavali, though I am neither a Jew or a Hindi. International holidays are so much fun to miss, and the more you know about them, the merrier your life will be! It's true! I am so into celebrating differences and getting to know other culture! It's my theme this valentine.

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