Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Award and Birthday Party Sneak Peak..

I thought yesterday was my first time cradling Baby G on my arms, now she can't barely sit on my lap, always on the run, even if I get a hold on her, she won't stay still. 1 year passes so fast, and being a baby is a short time, now she's going to be an infant, a toddler, finally a small little girl. But I love calling her Baby G, nonetheless, Infant G or Toddler G is just too awkward..

So as you may guess, Baby G's first birthday party is coming close. First! Can you imagine? Her first year of life! She won't be realizing about it, but I'm nearly wetting my pants here. So, as a good mom (yeah, right), I'm browsing all through the net for a good inspiration for her upcoming celebration. I was first thinking of fairy princess theme party, and then think..mm.. It's much more fun for older kids, so I will keep it for the next 3-4 years..Circus/carnival theme...eliminated for the same reason..then I found this particular theme, I can't seem to put a word for it, but I am having the color scheme and all! See these...

from top, left to right :
my2penn'orth. cath kidston. martha youknowwho. cath kidston. little circus.

And this is by far, I have made for the party, it's the favor, an activity book, it's only a proof print, not bound together yet. I will come up with more posts about my preparation, and of course the full post about the party! Yay! I'm so excited!

And by the way, belen of belen: beh-lehn (her name is Stephanie) is giving me this award!! This is surely a day-turner! You know, when I had a "blue" day, this award is suddenly cheer my day up into one bright orange day!! And I guess I have to play along then because the rules of the award stated that I need to divulge ten things about myself that most people don't know and award this to 10 fellow bloggers.
  1. I hate clipping my nails, not that I like them long and spiky (shudder), but I am just too lazy to do it, for me it's the most boring activity I have to do once in a week or two. For the same reason I hate getting a manicure, I always fall asleep at the beautician and it's not a good view.
  2. I really really am afraid of frogs, yes even the tiniest most un-harmful one.
  3. I enjoy horror movies but a really scaredy cat. (hey, there's a huge difference between a movie and real situation)
  4. I am having oatmeal stir fried prawns for dinner (now, that I've mentioned it, I run out of garlic powder, mmm..)
  5. I can adapt to most food served in the world, I am thankful for that, as long as the food is not too extreme it made to an episode of Fear Factor.
  6. On the other hand, I can't adapt to most public lavatories in the world. They have to follow several of my regulations before I can use them, squeaky clean, fresh-smelled, silent (bars and pubs'? no.), and not moving (airplane's? no). I get many complains about this.
  7. Though I seem to like all things cute and lovely, which I really do, I adore gothic and dark stuffs. Wednesday Addams to me is like Hannah Montana to every little girl born in the 21st century.
  8. My husband, which I rarely talk about in this blog, is actually a very nice likable person. I have nothing more to write about him.
  9. I have many things in my mind I want to be better at. One of them is cooking.
  10. My best cooking so far is fried banana with brown sugar. duh. Any 3rd grader can do that!
So that's it for now. I'm awarding this award to 10 persons who suggest the best name of the theme of Baby G's birthday party!


  1. I love the photo of your little Baby G, she is sooo precious. And I like your inspirations for the party, though I can't think of a good name right now for the theme... Looking forward to reading more about it!

  2. oh baby g is so sweet!! happy birthday little one:)
    we are the same as you, we still call our youngest'baby girl" and she is 3!
    have fun planning this special day, it is more for you anyway as you celebrate surviving the first year.

  3. Aww, baby G is beautiful. Hope she has a great birthday!

  4. what an adorable baby! sorry, no suggestions!

  5. happy birthday! my panda fanatic roommate got a Morn Creations bag as birthday gift.
    she is just thrilled with it!
    Flor (floreshayes@gmail.com)

  6. what a little sweetie!! she is adorable. happy 1st birthday, baby!

  7. Aww, what a sweet baby! I'd say you're definitely allowed to call her baby for life :)

  8. Baby G is a gem! Are you sure you'd still want to call her that when she's all grown up? I'm the youngest in my family so I'd been called 'little sister' when I was a little girl. Now that I'm already 27, I'm still stuck with this label. I can't imagine how it'll sound when I'm 60 years old. lol.

    I'm totally opposite from you. I can't stand my nails long.. the moment it grows abit, I have to trim them. BUT. I'm so scare of frogs too!! And LIZARDS! Eww..

  9. SO cuuuute!
    I like the list of 10 things, especially the part about Wednesday from the Adams family. I completely agree, it is possible to like cute and dark things at the same time. Weird but true... Xx


  11. Happy birthday your little baby, so sweet. Wish you all the best baby mmmuaaahhh mmmuaaahhh hehehe... Gemes yah liatnya hihihi....


  12. Why you're afraid about frogs ? theres a lot o cute ones in the pound near your house sweety.


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