Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I won a giveaway hosted by Kimberly not too long ago, I was so excited! Not only I get picked by Mic the dog (hey, I am loved by all creatures, two legged and four!), but Kim is a real sweetheart!

I love her photography, she shoots the best moods and details, all through the giveaway time I kept my fingers crossed (and maybe my eyes too, but I didn't realize it) and by winning the giveaway, I got to pick my favorite from her shop (yaaaay!).

I want to be honest with her, maybe she really need, so I tell her that my actual personal favorite is this "Swing" but my mom, whose birthday is closing in, loves flowers, and I wanted to give her, this "Sharry Baby". And the package arrived.... I was looking at beautiful Sharry Baby, I turned her around and saw that it was signed by Kim, dated, and titled "Swing", I was, "What? I must tell her immediately that she titled it wrong!" ..but then I saw the note...

I went numb..and eeep! She gave me not one but two prints!! Not to mention the postcard and her lovely note and business card. I'm in love!!

You should check Kim's shop now before July ends, just figure this, she gives me this whole lotta bunch of goodness, what will she give to her customers? She's a gem, I tell ya. Don't forget to make her blog, MyAlternateReality a frequent pitstop too, she's a talented photographer, what would you think her blog made of? Eye candies, yup!!


  1. congrats on your giveaway win! i'm off to check her blog now..

  2. Wow, you got lucky! It sounds like these prints were meant to be with you. That's so sweet of her to send two! I'm following her blog now. You're right, she does take very beautiful pictures.

  3. Oh wow! You have completely made my day!! I'm so excited!!

    And you are so kind and generous, I was more than happy to include the little extras :)

    I hope your mom loves the print!

  4. very lovely, lucky you! Xx

  5. Congrats on the winning! The photos are brilliant indeed. It was so nice of her to include the extra too!

    I'm going to check out her blog now. Don't want to miss out on another giveaway. I might be the next lucky winner! Hee :D


  6. pretty cool!! you so lucky, what a wonderful pictures you made)) lovely

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