Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello, Summer.

During hideous deadline hours, I usually drop baby G at my mom's. *chuckles* You know why, don't you? My mom wishes everyday would be my deadline (yeah, keep on wishing, mom!). Jk. It's funny that my mother, me, and Baby G is the first born daughter in the family. My mom is your average stay at home mom but she does terribly great craft (explain my undying love of the whole thing), gardening (err..not quite explain anything about me, everything I plant seems to wither in a few days), and cooking (err....I'm trying to make decent edible here! I swear!).
Since the weather is much much nicer at my mom's (although we live in the same city), I always like to hang around a bit at her garden. Beautiful. And what they're saying about green that please your inner side? Trust me, they're saying the truth. My favorite from her extensive garden is the cactus plant.

They're so cute, aren't they?


  1. Cactus plants are so beautiful! I have always wanted to move to the desert so that I could have a cactus garden growing in my yard. If I ever do that, I'll be sure to send you pictures!

  2. Yes, they are! Very pretty!I have cactus too and they grow slowly but they look healthy!

    Have a great weekend! oxox

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