Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Bags. Something you stroll along with, maybe in your hand, on your shoulder, across your body, or even on your back, to store your belongings that you can't just leave at home. That's my definition, you must not take it too seriously. Bags are definitely much more than I had stated there. They are luxurious, one of a kind, must haves in fashion world known as " designer handbags". Hunted and copied all over the world. Geez. Not all fashion items receive the similar treatment, I think. And since I was born to the lesser part of fashion caste, I love the idea of making your own designer handbags. Such as ..

the notorious printable Kelly...

and this Chanel. Aaah, bless the person who made this. (found via SourCherry)

And speaking of bags, these are the ones I'm currently obsessing about. swoon.

from Paper Plane. Bless the designer.


  1. I LOVE the Chanel Bag! So much better than the real one! Really great post. I've sent the link for the Kelly bag to a friend who is completely obsessed with the idea of buying one...now she can make a paper one instead! Xx

  2. Yep, print-cut-glue is waaaaay affordable than purchasing one :)

  3. i couldnt work out the link?/? once i get to the site what is the next step? i will work it out.
    you always find the best things.

  4. Oh...those postcard bags are the best. Great...another thing to covet!

  5. The envelope bags are absolutely fun!

  6. love, love, love the last four bags. I can see why you're obsessing over them. I'm headed over to check out the link right now.

  7. FUN! Thank you so much for sharing!! :) Have a TERRIFIC day!!!

  8. I love fashion, but I've never been the type of girl who could spend lots of money on things like clothing and bags. So I'm LOVING the idea of making them yourself. I'm also loving those postcard bags, how adorable!

    There is an etsy seller from Thailand who makes some of the most adorable bags I've ever seen, but they are simple enough to go with anything. Her prices are reasonable too. I have a bag that I purchased from her, and I've carried it every day since it came in the mail. Her seller name is TippyThai if you're interested. She's really sweet too, and that's always a plus.

  9. Wow! Those envelope bags are amazing! Truly amazing!
    What a great find! What a great share! :)

  10. aahh, I'm in love with those envelope bags!!

  11. I haven't visited in a little while, and I just wanted to let you know that I'm finding so so much inspiration on your blog! I love the pencil case letter/packages, so many great things to stare at!


  12. How do I get to the Kelly Bag pattern? Is it a pdf or what? When I click, all I get is a pic of the same thing thats on the blog page, but no pattern.

    TIA, Janice M.

  13. Janice : thanks for visiting and asking!! I didn't get any ways to contact you so I hope you're reading this..

    If you're having that problem, please do not click on the picture to download, click the "printable kelly" link under the picture


    please click this link or copy it and paste to your browser

    Hope you get your bag now :)


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