Monday, July 27, 2009

This Girl can Draw!!

It's time for another illustrator interview!! I'm so excited, that Noemi Manalang lives in Jakarta, Indonesia! Well, hello, neighbor!! Noemi was born in the Philippines 19 years ago (I envy her youth!) but she has spent her whole life in Indonesia. Having a painting lesson as a child, she didn't automatically pursue a painting career nor joining an academically painting schools, she's self trained and much much experimenting on her own afterward. She has been in several exhibitions, and in her leisure, still very much enjoy viewing other art exhibitions. She took fashion design in my course, but yes, she still constantly draws (Thank Heaven for that!).

I just love how her flowy, soft, and subtle watercolor first caught my eyes, as a girly kind a girl, I always have a soft spot for soft watercolor illustrations. I must say that I really connected to her illustrations mainly because I'm a girl, and her poetic, dreamy illustrations seem like my own thoughts. Well, if you're in love with her illustrations too, you can always check out her shop, niminami on Etsy. Now's in time to get to know her personally!

What's your most favorite thing to draw?
Leaves are my favourite. And eversince I took a course in fashion design, painting watercolour girls has become one of my favourites too. Sometimes I also like doodling some text art. It depends on my mood.

What/who inspires you the most?
I'm inspired by the things around me. Mainly about nature & people. Sometimes, when I look out the window, I could just stare at a beautiful tree and admire it from a distance. (ah, we do get a lot of beautiful trees here) Then maybe I start drawing it. Little and simple things inspire me and give me ideas.

What's the sweetest thing a person has said about your work(s)?
It was when a friend of mine wrote a comment about my artworks that she wishes to have my hands. Well, not literally cut it of course. Hehe meaning the ability to draw, if you know what I mean. But every compliment is the sweetest thing.

On the contrary, what's the biggest, heart crushing, gut melting criticism you have ever taken?
I have yet to face some criticism. Hopefully, if ever, it would be constructive. Something that will push me to improve.

Is there any things (objects/techniques/material,etc) you wish to master more right now?
Recently, I've just moved from oils to watercolours. Its very light and flowy compared to the heavy oil paints so I have yet to learn more of it. I think it suits my personality more.

This is a little out of the topic, but how do you like living in Jakarta, not to mention the recent suicide bombing?
Oh, the suicide bombing. Such an unfortunate thing that happened and to the poor victims. It's scary, but it doesn't mean I don't want to live here again. I grew up here and there are good people here. Some deserve to be punished for what they've done against humanity.

Finally, what's your biggest beast in making art? (by "beast" I mean obstacles, hindrances, or anything else that put you of making good art, like laziness, perhaps? well, that's my beast :))
Ah, yess, like laziness.. Its procrastinating. I usually put things off till to later because I always think there's still lots of time. Time is money. Hehe its something I have to change.

Thank you for your time, Noemi!!


  1. A great interview with a super talented artist, thanks! xo

  2. wow, amazing! I have to say, I love that she's from Indonesia :) Always great to see the "local" talents (even thought I'm not there!).

  3. Wow! Really this is very interesting.... It's looking so beautiful. Thanks very much for the share.

  4. yeah she can draw, no doubt about it, I always tryed to draw but I guess that wasn't for me anyway haha thanks

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