Friday, February 20, 2009


..is a sister in law.

I just got an old postcard image from my friend. The file size is too small to print, so I decided not to. I tweaked and turned the card in photoshop and this girl, Margot just popped out. I think she's a b*tchy sister in law. She is married to a wealthy man with big family lines. Many of her husband's relatives are reputable character in her town. Her cat's name is Dorothy. I suspect she's a witch in disguise.


  1. looks like someone i know, maybe a sister in law.... did i just type that down for all the worl to see??

  2. My SIL isn't bitchy, she's just plain crazy!! Yeah, I said it. :)

  3. I love my sister in law too. She's even shy and keep everything to herself most of the time. But she's a wonderful baker. That's why I love her. :)


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