Friday, February 13, 2009

Craft Magazine Last Issue.

After the sad endings of great magazine like Martha Stewart's Blueprint and Domino, another heartbreaking end came from a magazine I actually collect, Craft magazine. If you haven't heard of the publications, it is a magazine about, well, celebrating the renaissance of craft, or so they said, which I believe very true. Never before a magazine encourage the readers to actually get up and make something! They even have occasional etsy finds displayed. Sounds like your favorite blogs in print, right. So here's their last issue, featuring the entertaining queen herself, Amy Sedaris.

There it goes, a celebration of youth and DIY culture. I hope, unlike Domino which recently stopped their blog and website, Craftzine.com will always open to hungry brains like us.


  1. hello, i spotted a link to you on 'sweet tidings' blog and used your printable valentines to pretty up daddys gift to his three girls. will post about it later today but just wanted to say thanks. will be back later to tell you when i have posted about it.
    %*_*% rosey
    p.s. happy valentines day!

  2. have linked to you on my blog called agapanthas and goldsworthy. thanks again for the pics.


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