Monday, February 23, 2009

Boho Mag

After the sad lost of my favorite magazines like Craft, Domino, and Blueprint, I am so happy that someone still bring wonderful and fresh magazines up to the rack. Meet Boho, a green fashion and lifestyle magazine! Boho mag is not currently new, but I just happened to find out about them on issue 3 (I'm in Indonesia, the distribution of imported magazine is limited).

As I am a magazine freak and a paper crazy girl (I know I'm crazy about paper, I sniff it, loving the smell, and rub my hands all over it back and forth just to "taste" the texture, even if it's not enough I really "taste" the texture with my lips! There. I AM CRAZY!) I'm really happy that Boho is printed on recyclable papers, even the covers! So instead of shiny and glossy look they opt for a matted, more grainy paper. The colors may look dull at first, compared to regular fashion magazine like Bazzar, but it actually delivers a unique tone of colors that accentuate the whole magazine's theme and bring more different sensation of flipping through a magazine! Love it.


  1. Hope I can find that magazine in my neck of teh woods. It looks lovely!

  2. oh i love the matte look, i always choose it when printing photos. i too love finding mags but just dont have the moolah to buy them all... lucky our library stocks a few diferent types!


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