Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Juniper, Jupiter, June!

I adore the month of June. Why? Because it's my birthday month!! Yaaaay!! I wish my name were June, I picture myself prettier if I were named June (how is that possible and what is the obvious relationship between looking good and a name? In case this is the first time you read my blog, welcome to my babbling wonderland. I guess my posts, much or little, show you how my brain works. Organized? Not so much.)

So, OK. I'd like to celebrate the happy month with all of you readers. I love you all, so I give what I do best. Printables!! Yaaaaay!! So, I decided to fill June's posts with as many printables to download as possible. I'm sorry but I am not promising any exact number, not with my brain and time, forgive me, but I assure you there will be more than 3. or 5. or 6. Ok, I can't tell, my apology. Well, enough babbling for you today, I hope you love my first June printable. Enjoy.


  1. Happy happy birthday month to you!!! Thank you for your wonderful printables!

  2. the print outs you post are the BEST i've ever seen. and they're free! haha, even better! too bad i have a lowsy printer. maybe one day i'll get a better printer and snail mail random messages to friends. :)

    i love your rambling. you are absolutely correct in what you say about seeing how your brain works. my friends only think i'm insane when i ramble aloud to them, but i'm sure if they said their thoughts out loud too, it'd be the same way, right?

    thanks for the bday greeting. and i see you're a fellow june birthday! which day? happy early birthday for you my dear. :)

  3. I'll call you June from now on :)
    tgl brp ultahnya? mungkin aku bisa kirim sesuatu... and thank you for the lovely printables

  4. I have always loved the name June. I was telling my fiance that I would love to have a daughter named June, but it would only seem appropriate if she were born in the month of June. So we would need to have good timing. :-)

    What day is your birthday? I've never done a printable before, but I may have to start because this envelope and sticker set is SO cute. Thanks for the love!

  5. Thank you very much dear "June", it means a lot to us...That printables are so lovely ^^

    Happy birthday to you, many happy returns...Tanggal brp sih ultahnya? Biar pas gt ngucapin di hari H-nya...Hehehe....

    Btw, thanks buat komennya yah. Nambah semangat ;)

  6. I love that everyone loves the name "June"!! But yes, it's so hard to name a little one with that name, because timing is everything, right?

    My birthday is on the 17th. Any surprise gifts are welcome hehehehee :D

  7. I have just added your beautiful project to my luscious link love for this week!


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