Thursday, June 11, 2009

June Printables : Bees!

What's small, buzzing, and striped with black and yellow all over?

You're right! Bees! As a part of printable month, I present you The Happy Bee Family! Bee Sweet, Bee Lovely, and Bee Honey!! (A pretty lame word joke, but you get it, don't you?) This family is a note card set, but your imagination can determine their other purposes. You can hang them as mobile toys, cupcake toppers, lunchbag stickers, or a beautiful garland of bees, perhaps? The possibilities are endless! So what are you waiting for? Get them for free, here!

Basic instruction (as note cards) :
  1. Print the whole file in an A4 paper, preferably weighed more than 60 gsm.
  2. Cut out along the shapes.
  3. optional : Glue the front side of each bee into the back (stripy side). If you choose not to glue the bees, you will have 6 note cards instead of three. That's your choice, though.
  4. Write notes on the back of each card and enjoy.
You can make/buy a vellum envelope for these babies or you can wait for a matching envelope *wink wink*. Coming to you soon, ...tomorrow, next week, who knows? Keep me on your bookmark this June as more will coming your way!! Yaaaaay!!


  1. very cute! i love these downloadables!

  2. these are beeeeeautiful! thanks
    how do you do it? wish i lived close by so i could learn all of your secrets.

  3. oh i love your pretty bee cards! i want to make cupcake toppers out of it!

  4. horay for the month of June!! temenku jadi super kreatif.. hehe..

    iya, emang behind the scene lebih seru dari pada hasil akhirnya.. backdrop yang melintir itu, nantinya harus aku yang pegangin waktu si fotografer membidik :D

  5. Helloooooo Bee Bees!!! These are lovely and so very generous of you again. Thank you!!!


  6. Hi babalisme!

    you entered my Apron giveaway a couple weeks ago- and i finally got around to drawing the winners- and you happened to be the 1st one drawn! Go to my blog at http://rangersrus5.blogspot.com for details and there you can e-mail me where you would like me to send the apron!! Congrats:)

  7. hey lady, i just gave you the "you are a great read award!" congrats!


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