Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Air Mail, Snail Mail.

If you're an old school-er like me, who patiently wait for the old red and blue stripes to come, these are dedicated to you. (no offense to all email lovers and Twitter savvy divas and dudes out there, I love technology too, heck, I can't breath properly if I haven't checked everyone's status update, but don't you love simple and slow white, red and blue?)

Present&Correct airmail letter set found through Oh Joy.

BlueCakeandButtercup's airmail sticker mega pack.

A Little Hut's airmail printable, print as much as you like!!

airmail label notecard set by CrabAppleDesigns.


  1. i do love snail mail as well. i wish it were much more popular than email to be honest with you. it's just not as personal.

    and my dad works for the US postal service, so snail mail really helps his job! :)

  2. what adorable airmail envelopes and labels!

  3. this makes me want to send snail mail!


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