Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Printables, Continued!

What do you feel when you have a lot of things going on your mind, a lot of plans, a lot of things to share, in this case, for your blog, (don't forget you're feeling extra excited too) and then your computer when rrrr---rrrr--rrr-----*! It's completely dead! OK, you're turning it on again and it keep re-starting on its own? You'll probably go "GAA~~AAH!" (while holding your head with both hands), right? It just happened to me. By reading this post then you can guess correctly that my computer is now fine (thank you, now it is fine). The truth of what's causing the problem is a really red face material; I went to the reparation shop, nearly sobbing, but I'm a big girl and I can hold my tears, clutching the huge CPU, and told the man (oh, how I wished he knows about computer more than I do) on the counter the whole story. He finished a day later, I went graciously to pick my baby up.

"It's dirty". Yep. Nothing more, that's all he said. While I turned red, he talked in high-tech language I didn't understand, but I somehow know, that it's just a professional term of "dirty". According to him, my computer literally chucked up a huge fur ball, or dust ball, I don't care now it's working again and I'm already way over the embarrassing moment. Mental note: must dust and clean up the working table. Phew. Enough of the chit chat, let's continue our printable fiesta, shall we?
I promised you the bee envelope, didn't I? Here it comes. Download it here! I hope you've been enjoying your printables.


  1. hey June, kirain lagi sibuk apa, gak taunya komputer bermasalah ya? June, e-mail terakhirmu gak kebaca deh, bisa kirim ulang gak ya?

  2. ah, you're printables are wonderful! i really need a better printer, more ink, and some nice paper for this! :)

    and YES my laptop is just as bad. :( i need to save up for a new one cuz not only is the computer-mechanically-insides-whatever screwed up, but so is the wiring of the screen. so i get fuzziness way too often.

    luckily yours was easy to fix!
    have a good one! :)

  3. hello! this is so cute! I am wondering who to write to... or perhaps just put it up on my notice board :) thank you for your lovely printables! love your blog x


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