Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm easily pleased.

I just bought this wooden paper clips and my whole life seems brighter in an instant. Am I dumb or plain too easy to please? Actually, I've got nothing to post today, instead, I do have something to tell you. I'm very sorry if some links didn't work yesterday, I don't have the clue how that happened either. Hopefully all download links will be working today too. And remember my Easter printable, the one with a bunny waving? It was once here only on Easter month, but due to popularity, I am reviving the poor bunny lad. You can always go back in time in Blogger, but here's the link, in case you're not on a rush. And it's forever on the web now.

So, anyway, if those clips can make my day, just imagine what your comments do to me. :)


  1. Your blog posts always brighten my day. Those cute wooden clips are just as sweet!

  2. I love those clips! And little things like that seem to brighten my day, too. Some girls love diamonds and pearls, I prefer cute crafts. =)

  3. Those clips are so cute! You know how to appreciate the little things in life so.. you're certainly not dumb but smart! ;)

    I'm glad I make your day even better by dropping a comment. hee.


  4. I picked you for the Kreativ Blogger Award - just come see my blog and accept if you wish!

  5. You're definitely not dumb, and being easy to please is a good thing. It's far better than being the type of person who is impossible to please. The clips are really cute, they would have made my day too!

  6. thank you everyone!! Now I'm totally pleased reading all those lovely, heartwarming comments!!

    Carrie, are you sure you'll take these clippies instead of diamonds?? Gee, your husband is so lucky! :D

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