Monday, April 20, 2009

Easy Stamps...

I love stamping. But I'm not a good carver. Dang. So, I make simple shapes out of my rubber eraser blocks, and play with them, a lot. I like easy and simple that can be used over and over again.

Like this one, it's a leaf shape, obviously, didn't take too much effort making all the details.

...on the contrary, when it comes to the stamping I like to make it loud. (yaaay... my hand's appearance!! Wish I manicured it before taking pictures though.)

..perfect for Christmas, I think. The red dots? I use the back of eraser head attached to some pencils like I did here. Our next simple shape is..

..a "B"? Sure it's simple, but why would I need a "B" if it's not my initial? ..or is it a reading glasses? Bucktooth? Two rock stumps? See.. the alternatives are endless, OK, they're not good-stamping material, that's not what I meant to do with the "B", by the way, here's what I did...

..scalloped border, anyone? I am such a sucker for pretty things. This stamp is perfect for prettifying any plain white surface, use it on envelopes, note cards, book corners, kitchen towels, you name the thing, you can stamp it.

See, stamping doesn't need too much carving talent, right? Or so I'd like to think to cheer myself up. Anyway, I carved this too but haven't put it to the test. Do you have any ideas?


  1. Your hand carved stamps look lovely!How about stamping them on sewing tape using fabric ink?

  2. oh my idea is boring compared to the clever christy... i was thinking it could be on a gift tag with a sweet hand drawn and coloured fairy or elf standing beside it, you are after all a great artist.
    where do yo get the rubber blocks? have you told us this already?

  3. These are so creative. I love them!

  4. I love your simple stamps; you really know how to use them well!! :)

  5. Wow! I'm surprised to see how easy it is. the shapes are simple, the results is great. The choice of color with the leafs if good too.

  6. Christy... I hope I have fabric ink, *sob* it's very hard to get an adequate ink pad around me..

    icantsew.. nope, I haven't told anyone how I got the blocks, because it's not a special carving rubber block, it's an eraser block, sold at every stationary store, cheap, but never too big to satisfy your carving creativity. *sigh*

    thanks everyone for peeking and leaving our thoughts!


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