Monday, April 27, 2009

Dozo Yoroshiku, Yuuco!

..That means "Nice to know you, Yuuco" or something like that, easily stated, it's the nice you'll say when you first meeting someone. I'd rather say "Thrilled to see your work, Yuuco!" but I can't say that in Japanese.

Yuuco is a Takamatsu (that's in Japan, folks!) based artist. I was thrilled the first time I saw her illustrations, transferred into prints and postcards which can be bought at her shop. Her lines are delicate and soft, naive and detailed. Her subjects are simple but never boring, she always put a touch of whimsical homour if you put your attention closely.

She's also super nice and chatty, letting me do a simple interview for her! She is learning English and I think she's doing great, much better than I first learn my lessons! Here's our little chitchat..

When was the first time you realized you can earn a living from drawing?
May be it's around when I graduated from university. I started selling my works around then.

(finish the sentence, please) If I didn't draw like I do now, I'd probably ...
It's difficult to imagine but I'd study foreign languages and travel all over the world. I'm interested in foreign cultures.

What is the thing(s) you continuously drew as a child?
I drew many many things though I loved to draw animals, especially horses and frogs.

What is the thing(s) you continuously draw now?
It's animals, insects and hands lately.

What is your biggest inspiration(s)?
I'm always inspired by nature. And other artists' great works do inspire me, of course.

If you were a superhero, what superpower you'd have? (she had the hardest time answering this one, but she came to a satisfying conclusion :), it's hard to not to be greedy I guess )
If I was a Superman..., I want to fly in the sky like Kiki, in 'Kiki's delivery service'. :) It may sound like a kid's dream though I really want to do that! :))

What is your current obssession(s)?
I'm obsessed with foreign language now. I'm learning English and started French recently. It's so much fun for me! I'm also addicted with chalcography and photography. I love cute toy cameras and I'm now a collector rather then a photographer though. I want to shoot many more if I can get enough time.

Can't get enough of her? Visit her blog often, don't bother to switch the translator on, Yuuco provides us a very great translation on everty post.


  1. such darling illustrations! I love them all! thank you for sharing with us this remarkable artist.

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