Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goodie goodie.

My brother's feeling a lot better, but he has to stay at the hospital for while longer. I thought he looked pretty bored now that's he's fully alert and awake, not the drowsy one I used to see in the hospital bed, hehe, though I have to admit that he looked funny in fever (bad sister!!). I went to a bookstore yesterday, hoping to find something for him to read in bed. I found something for him, a textbook he might like, and.....look what I found for myself! They were there on a dusty SALE pile nobody cares to look at. Thank you, brother!

I bought two children books, both in mint conditions, only a bit dusty, "Guri&Gura's Special Gift" by Reiko Nakagawa and Yuriko Yamawaki and "Goodnight, Koguma" by Wakayama Ken. I won't tell you the price of each right now, I'll let you guess until the end of the post, you can look, but it's always more fun to guess, because the price is something that made post about this in the first place. Here are the pictures to look how great are they. (Koguma reminds me a lot of Dick Bruna's Miffy, and apparently Koguma reads Miffy book before he goes to sleep!)

And now, I have to remind you that both books are imported, hard covered, with good quality printing, which have to cost me more, right? The Guri&Gura book is 10.000IDR, less than 1US$, maybe about 90 cents, the Koguma is 5.000IDR, more or less equals about 50 cents.

I am very lucky. hehe.


  1. You're so sweet to get your brother a book; I hope he feels better soon! As for the books you scored...awesome! :)

  2. i love books!! my sister managed to be at the book launch of a famous childrens book author and not only did she get an autograph but an original pastel drawing!! i must get it framed one day.

  3. suamiku waktu kena DBD minum air kaldu daging sapi untuk membantu meningkatkan trombosit. cukup berhasil. mungkin bisa dicoba.

    buku2nya beli di mana?? bagus dan murah banget! seneng ya kalo nemu barang bagus tapi murah..

  4. Lucky finds indeed! They are both so lovely, especially the one that looks similar to Dick Bruna's art... I am a big fan. ;)

  5. Woow, these book reminds me when I was in child...
    I have a book of guri to gura. I love this book!

  6. Wow, Koguma! Thanks for reminding me how much I used to love this book


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