Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joining a Swap

This is my first time so I get a little excited, umm...ok a lot. I'm joining Printable Paper Goods Swap, so I am swapping printable goods over the internet with every person who joins the swap. Everything is in pdf, no shipping cost necessary! See anything you like up there? They are all printable goodies in pdf files and are ready to be sent away for my swap partners! But they are not all. See this mother's day card I made? It's going to be included too as one of the items in my printable file package!

The list of items of my printable package (so far) :
  • "Loving Bee" letter set.
  • "Green Bloom" envelope set w/ stickers.
  • "Poodle in Blue" note paper.
  • "Retro" mini greeting card set (in 'happy birthday' and 'blank').
  • "Kitten's Mother's Day" card.
  • ...and many more (some are secret to the end, some will be revealed in blog in a few days)
If you want to join, it's easy. Head over to Swapbot, register if you haven't been a member yet, and join! Super easy! You will be assign to 3 swap mates (randomly pick, I assume), and you'll send them a package of (minimum) 4 printables to all your mates (you can send the same package to three of them, and obviously you get 3 different designs, yaaay!). The swap deadline is May 26, so be sure you'll be ready before the deadline. Last day to enter the swap is April 28!

Please join, people!


  1. Haha that looks like so much fun =) Unfortunately it'll have to wait till the summer =( Otherwise whoever I'm swapping with is totally going to hate me.

  2. I love the idea! thank you for noting it, I will join. Moreover, I'll make stationary of my own!

  3. Wowww I stumbled upon ur DeviantArt page and keren bgt..ni blog jg imut abis..gonna visit here often hehehe

  4. Oh what a lovely blog you have! I will definitely be visiting more often. :)

    Sounds like a great swap but unfortunately I have no paper products to provide. Boo for me but awesome for you guys!

  5. Karin, you shouldn't feel left out!! You can swap almost anything, like, scanning an old journal page, post stamps collections, old postcards, your local newspaper, anything!! Crop and resize, boom, you have lots of gift tags to share!


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