Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back from Vacation..

This is my first ever vacation after, say a year or so.. I was very excited, I got the baby with me but not the laptop. I was away from computer and internet related things for a week! That's good news for my husband.

I was so irritated about the fact that my Easter printable here is taken off by the pdf-share web hosting before its limited time (30 days) without any cautions or what so ever. I have received a lot of emails asking about the matter, and I am truly apologized for those of you who can't download it anymore. I contacted and asked the web about it, and I got an automated reply stating that I violate their rules by uploading more than 5 files in a month or sharing a file containing illegal material or signing up twice or using a fake name etc, which of course I didn't feel ever do. I hate it when they replying with automated content, why don't they just point my mistake and ask me to correct it, personally. A list of wrong doings I have never done is just so confusing and it didn't solve my problem.

If you have a pdf-share web hosting that you use (preferrably free and the files can be shared in a long time ;) ) and would like to recomend to me, please do. I really need it to post more printables and projects (yaaay!). I think I'm quitting from my web hosting.

I know Easter's already past, but if you really need the tags, you are welcome to contact me by email and I'll send the pdf files to you. Ooops, ...I almost forget but Happy Easter everyone.


  1. welcome home.... and happy easter. our house is full of chocolate :( i remember saying last year to my family members that instead of all the chocolate we buy we should donate the money to some poor family in africa so that they can buy a cow or something like it. once again we didnt do this instead now we have an insane amount of chocolate, the very thing i spend my whole parent life avoiding.
    oh i have said way too much!

  2. You're not saying too much.. I love chocolates too but it makes me very guilty eating them too much, and much much more guilty to think that maybe somewhere a family can buy a whole cow from what I have spent in chocolates. But it makes me less guilty to think that I help a cocoa farmer somewhere prosper. Either way, I too much of chocolate will do you no good.

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