Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lemonade {for} Life

When one of my nice readers asked me in an email, "Have you uploaded all the Lemonade Party Kit?" I had to say, "Unfortunately, yes, for now." and that reminded me that I owe the rest of you readers the announcement as well. Yes, the Lemonade Party Kit printables are done. Please do use them in your parties or simply just because. Like these kids from volumetwentyfive. Visit them for more photos and tips to make that utterly cute and effortless lemonade stand.

Here are the Lemonade Party Kit links, in case you missed one:
cupcake topper/stickers
napkin rings/garlands
favor box

Do share your own party photos with us!


  1. Aww, such a cute little party...
    Thanks for sharing the picture, love your party kit :)

  2. Oh, how cute are they??? Lovely!

  3. I'm gonna use it for sure!!! I've already print de invitation and cupcake toppers and looks very cute and with the lemonade template i've made a banner too (I will share with you the pics next week).
    but you know??? I could'nt download the napkin rings and favor box... im not sure why. but thanks for all you beautiful ideas!!!

    regards from mexico!!!

  4. "Lemonade" is always a good health drink, it gives lot of energy and minerals to our body.
    Its an ultimate nutritious drink for healthy life. having a glass of juice daily in breakfast is a healthy diet for healthy living.
    And this party is great!! Cheers to all!!!


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