Friday, June 18, 2010

Lemonade Party : Favor Box

Guests should be left to mesmerized even after they get home safely. Here's for you : Lemonade Favor Box! Print much, cut, assembly, and fill with lemon jelly beans or home baked cookies, and you will have a party that's memorable for (at least) the whole week!

PLEASE respect my effort in making and designing the printable. Though I share it for free doesn't mean you have the right to sell, alter, and/or claim it as your own. Use it for personal use only, if your friends want a copy don't give them yours, give them the link to this post.

PLEASE do tell me if you found the printable elsewhere that violated my rights as the maker.

PLEASE share your real parties, modifications, creations, ideas, etc using the printable, you can send the link on this post or you can send the pics to my email.



  1. The favor boxes are the best! I always feel like a kid going home with one of those!


  2. What a great idea! The illustration is so cute!

    ps. Thank you for the birthday wishes! When is your birthday?

  3. hehehehe, ada guts-nya krn di mall yg dingin... klo panas pasti ga kuat :p

    anw, thx ya udh mampir2 ke blog-ku ;)

  4. what absolutely delicius blog you have!!!

  5. todos tus trabajos son absolutamente hermosos!!!...gracias x compartirlos!!!

  6. That's so cute! Thanks so much, I'll be linking.

  7. I love your lemonade party printables ... will definitely be using those this summer. Thanks so much for sharing!


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