Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictureless Friday

My first time posting without a single pic. As a very visual person, this is so unlike me. But I hope you will read through this.

Baby G : mu susu.. mu susuuuu ((I) want some milk, in Indonesian. slightly crying)
Me : Allright, I'll make you a bottle.
(done. handing it over to her)
Baby G : panaaas! (hot!!)
Me : OK, we'll wait until it cools off.
Baby G : angetin!! angetiiiiiin!! (cool it down! cool it doooooown!)
Me : It can't be that quick, you'll have to wait or you'll have it warm.
Baby G : waaaaaa...!! angetiiiin!!
(she started to cry)
Me : OK, OK.
(rushed to the fridge and put the bottle inside the freezer, if other moms know better instant cooling technique please let me know.)
Me : Here you go.
Baby G : panaaas!! angetiiiin!! (still hot! Cool it down! more crying)
(Me rushing back and forth to the fridge)
Me : It's cold now. Here you go.
Baby G : Noooooooo! no no susu!! (don't, don't want the milk! more and more crying)
Me : ....

I know you can't argue logically with toddlers, but sometimes, it just tickles your fancy too much. Seriously, I could use some of those tantrums then. Why should toddlers have all the fun, right? Can Moms have tantrums? (DRRRRIIINK THHHHAAAT MIIIILKKK!!!!)


  1. I have live through this tantrum. I used to put an ice cube inside the bottle it cools it off and provides entertainment. Now I put ice cubes in the oatmeal and they like to swirl it and melt it.

  2. I have these irrational arguments with my 19 month old too and I wonder where in the world I find the patience! Then I look at her adorable pouty face and can't help but find it completely endearing that she's now a little person that I am ACTUALLY arguing with! Ahhh! She's growing up too fast! (and I'm a freezer mom too...everything from bottles to grilled cheese goes in there for a quick cool down).

  3. Hahahaha that's something i'll experience 13 years later.

  4. blm punya baby, jd bingung mau ksh saran apa..
    yg jelas kl ponakan2ku ngambek gr2 susunya kepanasan, aku tinggal isi mangkok dgn air dingin, trs si botol susu direndam deh di dalamnya. 5 menit lgsg dingin kok.
    *membantu ngga ya nih? hehehe....

  5. Mommy is angryy.. hehe.. semangat momz... your baby G is just being simply a baby.. hehe.. ahh can't wait for be in that phase, of being mom just like you.. ^^, salam buat baby G yah momz..

  6. My 18 month old just started doing this and I'm scared to think what it'll be like in 6 months!

  7. Hahahaha...moms are totally allowed to have tantrums!

    Ning, I'll keep my eyes open. When I see a Moleskine for sale here in Brazil, I'll get it and send it to you! :)

  8. isi mangkok/baskom/gelas (yang cukup untuk dimasukin botol)pake air dingin, celupin botol susunya. kalau mau lebih cepet, tambahin es batu di air celupannya.

  9. Thank you everyone for the tips. Why didn't I think of ice cubes? Like they're hard to get magical crystals? doh!

    Well, I'm posting not only the matter of cooling down a bottle, but also arguing with a toddler and how you will always losing, either way. But, you can't hold a grudge longer than 3 minutes against a toddler, just like Jessica said, she melts your heart easier than putting your head on fire. To those in your teenage years/not having a kid yet: love your mom more and less arguing. :)

  10. may be you have to be calm down to your baby(that's a baby, unlike a superman hehee). because i'm not a mother(I'm stil young) so i can't give you idea, but you can use marta's idea, may be it work :).

    please visit mine if you don't mind hehehe

  11. thank god my baby likes his milk slightly cold. so i usually put it out from the refrigerator for a bit then voila! oh he also likes fresh milk, so no need for me to stir :D anyway, i feature your work on my blog, hope you don't mind :)

  12. Haha! It must have been frustrating at the time, but it makes for a funny story now. Little kids are so fascinating...

  13. lovely post its really interesting

  14. what a cute Baby G XO XO
    It's a fascinating journey you have, mom..
    You won't forget that every little argue from that small lips
    and you'll miss that arguing moment :)

  15. Ice cubes are a great idea. I have to keep that in mind for when I have a toddler! :)

  16. setahu aku, bikin susu jangan pakai air panas tapi yang hangat aja, utk mempertahankan kandungan gizinya. kalo aku dulu bikin susu buat mima, susunya dicampur air hangat (dari termos) kira-kira 1/2 botol (takaran minumnya dia), trus dicampur air biasa. jadi langsung adem, bisa langsung minum.
    btw bandonya baby G muat gak?


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