Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seeing Summer

Living near the equator means constant summer all year long, but as if the weather hear her northern side sister, it's undeniably getting warmer even in here, yes, in the tropical island of Java. It's the national school break for us and many of our relatives and friend are escaping to much milder sun or even more sadistic sun, oh, the irony of holiday destinations.

Since we're not going anywhere and it's June (my birthday month, yippeee!) I thought I will be making a lot of themed party printables. So what's your favorite summer birthday theme?

On the (even) lighter note, Baby G doesn't mind the heat. She's busy capturing the sunshine with her tissue paper. I don't have the heart telling her that sunshine is not very solid. She's good with stripes, I envy her. And that's a friendly smile, in case you were wondering, according to Baby G. Have a nice summer, everyone.


  1. I love Baby G's smile. It makes me think of my almost-two-year-old niece who smiles just like that (but she also growls (in a nice way) for some odd reason).

  2. Yeahhhh, me loves June to, its my birthday month as well...as a fact next Saturday I am up.

  3. *waves hello to baby G* She is so cute!!

    oh, your birthday is coming soon? when? when?

    As for summer birthday themes... what comes to mind is balloons and summer carnivals. Very fun and colourful stuff :)

  4. I had too much of this sweltering hot summer! I so welcome teh rain.

    Oh, Baby G is so pretty! *pinching cheeks*

  5. Haha! Love that smile :). Have a great birthday month!!

  6. A great summer birthday theme that I love is "luau"!

  7. Baby G is just as sweet as ever! ♥ She always makes me smile.

    My favorite summer themes are anything tropical and anything having to do with nature, such as flowers, animals, and the forest.

    I hope you have an amazing birthday!

  8. cute! what a little character!
    I think I would definately be one of the people fleeing the heat and going somewhere cooler. Xx

  9. What plans do you have for your birthday? How cool it's in Summer! a new season, a new birthday.

    baby G is so adorable!!

  10. Baby G is so cute. :)
    Summer birthday theme... hmmm, for my birthday one time my parents had me a Farm-themed birthday party, so maybe for summer, a garden themed party! Maybe a tea party!


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