Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lemonade Party : Napkin Rings

If you're allergic to bright colors, leave this blog immediately because it's going to be a bright week here! Lemonade party kit still going on, this time it's napkin rings time! Instruction as always is easy as download, print, and cut. Do be really careful cutting the slit for the napkin "locks", if you're accidentally snap through, that's OK, just make a paper chain out of the long strip of paper and the half circle lemons would make a cute garland!

PLEASE respect my effort in making and designing the printable. Though I share it for free doesn't mean you have the right to sell, alter, and/or claim it as your own. Use it for personal use only, if your friends want a copy don't give them yours, give them the link to this post.

PLEASE do tell me if you found the printable elsewhere that violated my rights as the maker.

PLEASE share your real parties, modifications, creations, ideas, etc using the printable, you can send the link on this post or you can send the pics to my email.



  1. Love this!!!! Senangnya, ngeliat pattern2nya "babalisme"... Warna-warna cerah, bagus sekali... Sangat musim panas ^^

  2. Oh Ning, you just made my day!!!

  3. soo cute .... i'm looking forward for a gathering at my house and making your lemonades as my theme, thanks for sharing

  4. what a great idea! I am such a fan your designs.

  5. So cute! Thank you for sharing this great printable. :)


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