Thursday, August 5, 2010

Low Riders

I adore Maeve's current issue editorial. The styling, the pose, the pint sized models, and particularly the low horizons in each background. Monalisa, revisited, I must say. And the fact that the whole wardrobes are hand me downs makes it almost too awesome for a children fashion spread. Any children magazines should really refresh their minds that fashion spread should be taken seriously (and artsy too), skip the playground and/or bright colors for a while, would you please?

I personally love the Bruce-Wayne-by-day-Batman-by-night one, but you must have guessed that.


  1. awww... look at those cuties!

    and yes, it is cold here. It's winter now so I actually need thicker tights than usual! I'm actually going home to Indonesia for 3 weeks this month, and I was thinking whether to pack any tights, hehe, but like you said - I'd probably only wear it for a couple of hours a day ;)

  2. Oh they are just darling!! I especially love that bow tie :)

  3. Oh so cute!! And thanks because I didn't know Maeve, and it seems very interesting. I'm going to have a very close look at it as soon as I find time!
    Valerie (from France)

  4. Very cute, did they may make these pint size models head body disproportion intentionally? Either way they are cute!

  5. Hi Dhila, I'm not sure, but toddlers' heads are bigger in proportion to ours. Still, I do suspect a little bit photoshop act there.

  6. oooh I know of these beautiful kids...there's Clover and her twin bro, and their big sis Gemma. They are the children of photographer Rachel Divine.

    Enjoy your blog very much BTW!

  7. anonymous; you know these children!? Lucky you! Thank you for sharing the information!


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