Saturday, August 8, 2009


This is my first time getting tagged, so it was kind of amusing and exciting, really, because I don't know if I get this right, so..um.. I was tagged by Rheaa from by_Rheea (hehehe, pun really intended!) So here are the rules :
  1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. List six little things that make you happy.
  3. Tag six bloggers and let them know they’re “it”.
Yep, I have done the first rule, so I'm going to make a list. Happy, huh? mm..but I like to make some note, that on this list I try to exclude my family and friends, because obviously they make me happy and is the very foundation of my whole being.. so mom and hubby (and Baby G too, someday), if you read this and you're not on the list, doesn't mean that you don't make me happy..OK, now to the list..

Bittersweet comedy. I laugh at certain and particular kind of comedy, of course pranks, racial and dirty jokes, and the slapstick ones are excluded. That's why I never seem to like the character Ashton Kutcher try to portray on Punk'ed, or is it the real him, either way I never like it. Btw, the picture is of Flight of the Conchords.

Dreamy spaces. swoon, no explanation needed. From JoieDeVivre via SweetiePiePumpkin.

Disneyland, I have this little kid inside of me that never grows up.

Nice people, random kindness, and the whole things of being nice. Just nice. I received a lot of sympathetic emails and comments when Bronnie died, and most of them comforted me like they knew me, in fact I live miles apart and a total stranger, but it doesn't stop them from being nice. Thank you everyone, your every bit of words made my day brighter than ever.

Design things and stuff. Aren't they the prettiest? candle holders courtesy of bonboog.

Handmade things, crafting, and all those stuff. You know it. The picture is of Renegade Handmade store, yep, opened based on the craft fair with the same name at Chicago, you can always visit its online counter part if you reside outside Chicago.

Is it 6 already? Aaaww... I wish I had more things to list!! Shut up, big baby, now unto the next task, tag away 6 people!! Ha, I love this. OK.. OK.. Carrie, Natsumi, Diana, Joelyne, Anna, and Tuppence!! They are 6 different ladies with different field of expertises, so I guess it must be fun to find out what makes them smile.


  1. You are one playful girl huh ('mis-spelled' my name)! Hahaha. Nonetheless, I was smiling away reading your post. :)

    PS: I almost passed out when I saw the dreamy room too.


  2. haha yes i will do it =)

    thanks for tagging me!


  3. ur answers to this are so sweet!! :)


  4. Haha, I love Flight of the Conchords! They're hilarious. And I never really enjoyed Punk'ed either...

    Thanks for tagging me! Will love to play along.

  5. lovely things to know about you :p
    that space is sweet, we are going to build in our garage and i think a hidy hole of some sort would be lovely for the girls.

  6. Your happy things are all so much fun! I would LOVE to have a bed like that, but I would probably want to spend all of my time there.

  7. Hi there,
    so I just have to take a look who was tagging the fabulous thesydneygirl :) love your answers! and now the turn is up to me.... hehe.
    xoxo, Sofie

  8. Oh, I like all the things you chose. That little nook/seating area is just lovely the way it's lit up.

  9. The little hiding space seems to attract a lot of interests, isn't it?

  10. Thank you for tagging me!! It sounds interesting! I would love to do it this weekend!

    candle holders are so lovely! ox

  11. such good things in your blog :)


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