Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baby G's Birthday Inspiration..

..still, with no luck on finding a theme, I know ideas can be abstract, but this is too much. I have an array of beautiful things across the net to keep me inspired, I just need to sum them all into a word/sentence! What would these be??

allsorts' woof woof pupkin.

JennyLees' Flickr

simplythisthatandtheother's strawberry shortcake cake.

And as tempting as it is, please don't say a strawberry shortcake theme, because I don't want everyone to think of that freckled red haired girl with big hat, she's adorable, but no, I'm not into character party at this point, Baby G is too small to relate to that.


  1. If you like the idea but you aren't into characters, maybe you could just do a strawberry themed party! You could have strawberry cake like the one in that yummy picture, and your decorations could be red. Or maybe flowers.... I know it will be lots of fun, no matter what you decide to do. :-)

  2. we had a tea party recently, cupcakes and heart shaped fairy bread and other lovely kid friendly food. we played pass the tea pot instead of parcel (much easier) and balance the book on your head (for the older children) and musical chairs and whose lap is that. it was so much fun and we still talk about it now.

    have fun what ever you do!
    smooches rosey

  3. it seems like your photos are all 'floral' themed. how about garden tea party theme. little girly tea cups set up on the table.

    ok i got a bit carried away and found all these inspirational images for u! haha








  4. oh wow! just like i cant sew said! i think it's a sign! :P x

  5. Hi there, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! Do you like to exchange links btw?
    Great collage of pics. I'm absolutely keen on this cute dog.
    And YES to this yummy yum strawberry cake!
    xoxo, Sofie

  6. I think others have summed it up nicely with the garden tea party. Your picture remind me so much of something vintagey--like from the 1930s and 40s. I think you have a theme but just didn't see it. =)

  7. I think you can broaden up on the strawberry theme. Probably add some candies; lollipops, candy floss, chocolates, donuts.. okay, I'm drooling already. All the best for your theme! :D


  8. Yes! Garden tea party is a lovely theme! Floral and strawberry summer! Homemade lemonade! Ah I miss England...
    Good luck with preparations Xx

  9. Your inspiration photos feel like a summer picnic to me! I just came across this birthday party inspiration collage and thought of your blog post. It is called "Picnic in the Park" -

    Best wishes for your party planning!

  10. I would have to vote for the tea party!! such a cute idea!

  11. love the inspiration pics... maybe something simple like a red and white polka dot party. i also like the tea partt idea too... that would be cute and fun!


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