Thursday, July 19, 2012

Teddy's Bar Party

Purple and pink and white, what a delightful sight! I'm sorry for the occasional rhyming. :) I think I have read too many Cat in the Hat books by now (I even have the theme song playing in my head as I write this post, Big G seems to have taken control of the remote control lately). 

So, what's purple and pink and white and such a delightful sight you say? It's a party held by a really talented mom, Linda, for her daughter, Amelie's 5th birthday! Loving how the color palette blend in perfectly with the outdoor environment by the pool, gosh, don't you think Amelie's such a lucky girl? 


Well, being cute doesn't hurt either, for that matter. I always like the idea for putting personal things like Amelie's own teddy and her pictures on dessert tables. It makes the whole thing and arrangement much more personal.
Mom Linda asked me to do all the printables needed for the dessert table. The idea/theme is to create a vintage, whimsical candy/dessert bar with a teddy bear twist. I kinda imagine the Teddy owns a vintage French pattisserie. I'd visit everyday if it were true. Seen here is the yummiest looking red velvet cupcake adorned with red hearts and sprinkles *sigh*, not really a brain food, but who can resist such temptation? Have I mentioned there were also macaroons? 

Well, it's such a fun themed party and Mom Linda is such a pleasure to work with! Happy belated birthday Amelie, cheers for good years to come! Thank you Mom Linda for sharing the pictures with me! 

ps. If you have submitted your party pictures and have not been featured here, please do be patient, as I have said numerous times, my internet is not being very friendly at this point, I'm really trying to feature yours one post at a time. Thanks! 


  1. This is just perfect! And your printables are amazing! Can't even imagine how excited that little girl must be:D


  2. Amelie is indeed a lucky girl! happy 5th birthday to her! such lovely decorations!! and the cupcakes look so delish and pretty~ and MACAROONS?! Why am i not there?!? ;(

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  3. nice!

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